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Saturday, December 25, 2010

not on the coast, but, the Portugal country

THE bus stop

THE photo......of a photo

her house is on the right side of the photo......
thank you for the nice breakfast!!....

the base of a house under construction.......a dry place when it rains

a giant one

on a wall, before leaving Galicia

no more tent, but, a bivouac

the cathedral from Tui, last town in Galicia

the tunel of the Valenca fortres in Portugal

cooking in the albergue of Ponte de Lima.....with Charlotte and Janus

the kitchen in the Youth Hostel of Guimaraes

on the bike way to Fafe

Bugna, morning face

getin higher

super Buna, skiing on the mountains

abandoned house

dont polute the forest......
polute your citys

a country hut for the night

cut the forest to make matches, then use the matches to make "maketas"

crossing the bridge beside Penacova.......

the bivouac morning

told you......that machine kills......"One Less Car"

not a machine and doesnt kill......the beauty of nature

donde se descubren treinta o poco más desaforados gigantes con quien pienso hacer batalla, y quitarles a todos las vidas, con cuyos despojos comenzaremos a enriquecer: que esta es buena guerra, y es gran servicio de Dios quitar tan mala simiente de sobre la faz de la tierra.Don Quijote de La Mancha

bridge over the great river, Tejo

house on the roof top

Alentejo landscape

Alentejo big friend

Alentejo landscape

the almost info, Evora

new olives trees, get one...maybe dont!

map of the region

on the bivouac

the little house on the prairie, Bordeira

Ver mapa más grande

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