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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Crossing Borders

some nice fortress

on Girona streets

camping on Girona gardens

the way to go across

the Antena guy......wayting around

stone oven

leaving behind the Catalan castle

look all those people saying,!Goodbey!

and you cant possibly get lost

look all those people saying, !Hello!

Lin-Jana and her father Juergen, going around in a van

map of the !Gorjas de Galamus!

no so much place in the Gorjas

little visit i  the morning

a chapell door

inside the chapel

another rainy day on the graveyard

Le Cite of Carcasonne

on the streets of Carcasonne 

on the walls of........

on the market place of.......

the TiPi......dont ask me where post code ether....

the door to the TiPi.......

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