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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

From Here to Eternity

thats him!

in the street of Marseille

after a saturday night fever

you never know whats under you

or, on top of you

or, inside of you

buña and sugar, having some good fun

some big spectacular peace of mountain!

finally! a peacefull morning

and finally! get there

hidden windows

she is coming out

the stone scupture

some red spectacular mountain

and blue spectacular sky

Viens, ici?

a try, maybe too hard

and you Birimbao

the source of life is down there

nice road ahead

just in case

is soo nice! isn`t?

isn`t so nice, after all

now, thats really nice

thats almost

neige like also

buña no doubt

window of wisdom

door to happiness

the candle night at the hunter house

once again, morning view on the earth

the glaciers still there

near by

even near

and, if you cicling and, got some dollars, there is the comfy place to rest

some says, French are like frogs. Maybe?

everithing is blue

and soldiers are like robots hidden in the mountains

the most famous steel factory of all, Amelia says......greetings sweetheart, was a nice place to rest, thanks a lot!

i think i know that

the cat photo

the morning photo

the MontBlanc!?

and olive hill!?

hey buña!, welcome to Switzerland............yea, big bollocs

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