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Monday, October 10, 2011

Down by the River

Higher on the clouds

oye hermanito!.....aqui en austria tambien tienen Via Augusta

can you spot Buna there?......for sure she is there
Shalese and her house in Tirol
time for zen
on the back house
nice roof
and floor too
with beautiful friends around
Terminator woman and her little one
thats hight 
on the waterfall
down the waterfall 
more waterfall 
told you......
and everyone enjoy 
some more than others
that way Buna 
and there
water water water
kind of a jungle 
even more
that one is nice.......isn't  
just to make you happy......
there they are.......the most wanted 
there they go......
beside the train tracks  
can somebody in hell, tell what is this for?
of course.....Mozart 
young folks in Mulhdorf 
the dog and his best friend
and there we are.....all together 
sport couple in the bike-way 
in Passau 
if can not put your home....put the tractor at least 
the Gigantic house
two beauty mermaids from the Donau 
map of the area
ah ah! sculpture 
no so much to Imagine, with that buildings around
this one for my man in Berlin......check this out Jo.....pure oil!

he din*t want to turn around

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