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Friday, December 9, 2011

Throw Around Like a Pupet

or a Monkey

or a Hero?

Leaving Austria

and then the Balaton, in Hungary

Sweet Staff

The Corn is Gone

or, How to get Lost in Hungary

and, the Duna river again

the Poor Abandoned Little Hut

Who Said That Crossing Borders is Illegal?...the Border Police!...''One Night in Jail''

and of Course, the common Autografh staff

and then, Buda-Pest

and then, Concert Night

or, Night in the Concert

or, Concert at Night

or, Well, is Clear

Buna making Friends Everywhere

in the Birthday Party

on the Birthday Party

Buna at the Birthday Party

the so Call "Freedom Brige"....from Buda to Pest

nice Sidewalk

The Hanging Garden

The Social Life of Buna

The Talking Hands.....BeyBey

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