Around & Around

Friday, May 21, 2010

From Berlin To Holland

the first stop....Potsdam

the map of the region
a bike deco on the way
the city of Branderburg
in Branderburg city
skating on the way
a small town
funy sign on the forest
the direccion for the bikers
map of the region, my bike, my house and me
an old church on the Romans way
somewhere in the country side
some friendly cow in the country
and friendly horses too!!
kick their ass!
this look like a bomb,
map of the region
more friendly friends
when the spring comes around....
sculture of the death!
this look like a bike,
wake up in the morning
all the food staf
big ass sculture
with madam Karin, a writer
a sculture made by a Polish woman, outside Karin house
what the commis thaught will protect their people from capitalist west
too tired to bike
in case of emergency open it!
a cloudy morning in May
small port in a canal
one less border, one less stupidity
a sunset with ballons over Hamburg
deco in Hamburg
the official WELCOME!! from Hamburg
something at the end of the tunel?
local concert deco in Hamburg
what consume the petrol of Irak war
this one does not
consume, consume, consume
nature, nature, nature
the Swedish also help the Germans
look like a UFO,
IT IS!!!!
part of a castle beside the coast
map of the region
old farm, medieval tower
the old and new ligth towers
street deco in Cuxhaven
in Cuxhaven
map of the city
parking for bikes
waiting for the summer
another morning in the forest
signs for bikers
small fishing port
nice map of north europe
nice map of the beloved Earth
this one look like a satellite,
more sculpture in the bike way
morning glory
noo bad!! for a sunday afternoon
sculpture of a penis and his man
who wants to live forever, specialy in this house!
sex, drugs and ......
....and beer
and wild pig
chose one
asking for the way to somewhere
is that chain really necesary??
this one look like the X files,
the wall of a bunker in Emden
another wall in Emden
this one look like a candy machine,
sweet bike
the last photo before geting to Holland
in Holland also are sculptures
i find it!! that lost flight
the house for nazis
summer is finaly here!!
Holland bike, of course!
Holland colors, of course!
Holland canal, of course!
Groningen map, of course!
Groningen street art
not too bad place for sleep on the city, a bit noisy so....


  1. You are seeing lots of interesting things on your way...I will check in again later.
    Groetjes Nieske (from the dog who ate your bread)

  2. Zojuist gezien en gesprokn boulevard in Noordwijk aan Zee

    Saludos van Marco en Bon Voyage