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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life on the Road

    Looking pass by the cycles from one side to the other, from west to east or north to south, i finally take my time to write something about this traveling time, that some call holydays, some call summer vacations and i call it life on the road.
   The sun is finally getting in his best splendour after about one month full of rainy and windy days. If you ask me,I began my trip way back in Finland, but that was last year in autome. The winter got me in the city of Berlin where still live some good friends, some are artist, some are independent survivers of the modern times, and they are really supportif with aliens like me....
   So, from Berlin i decide to come west to Holland,where I have been one maybe two weeks. I dont really want to go fast. The way from there was pretty calm and pleasant, i met really nice people on the way, see lots of animals, domestics ones and slept in some wonderful places. One of the persons I met was Karin Toben with who i drink coffe one afternoon in her livingroom of that little confortable house beside the river Elbe, talking about the old times of the DDR, when people were kick out of their places because the border was getting bigger and more secure by fences, towers and soldiers. She have already write couple books with the tales of that times.
   Following always the Elbe bike route, i get after the the big city of Hamburg, famous for a big port and tougth people. There I met a sail man who was sanding his 10mt long boat and been very busy we could not talk too much, but, he let me charge the accu for my radio. Later in the afternoon his woman bring him some coffe. They toll me a bit about the way to go to the west to the city of Cuxhaven at the end or beggining of the bike route. Crossing the river in a little ferry i met this bike man who was very happy, making jokes all the time. He explaine me also that there were about 600 ships stop on the ports because the crisis.
   Leaving Hamburg the last thing you see is the, also big, Airbus factory that goes along the way for some km.
   Then, Cuxhaven. I get on there Sunday, so every shop were close and crossing the center is quite and nice. You can see all the windows with the teddy materials they sell. After that i follow the coast, passing by small towns, at the end , before getting into Holland, i saw this skinhead in his dark green van, waiting for me rigth in the border, i have hide in the bushes for a while until he get tired and go to the road to look for me. crazy bastards you find in thoes little german towns.
   As the days pass by my sense of freedom increase, the constant stress and closeness of the citys desapear. the view of the forest and the infinit horizon in the see, together with the rain and wind open up my brain to the dreams that restrain during the time in the city. All the lines ,walls, doors, ligths, noises and pollution of all sort are left behind. The present become more intense and rich, the hours long and full, the days are plenty of faces aand places, smells and sounds, taste and views of inmense aboundance........
  Holland was a big change from Germany, i dont know, but, i was feeling everyday more relax.....maybe because there is bike roads everywhere with bikers on it, maybe because there is free coffe to drink in the supermarkets, maybe because people look healthy and happy, maybe because the cofee shops, or maybe because the funny way they talk......anyway my stay there was really cool....i met lots of people like Hilde, she was living in this little house in the Natural Park with her 2 dogs and going to sheeperd in the nord of Holland for the summer, she also is an artist making, an sculturist of a dog....the one in the cross is really good!!.....or the couple who give me host for one nigth in the garden who has lots of little friends.....

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