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Friday, July 2, 2010

On the northern coast of France

a hair shop with the history of the town......

a small library in the side walk

on the port chair

nice caravan deco.....on the front board!!

well...the water problem again

the way to the "falaise"

eating eating eating....

hamac morning!

map of the region

if i was the president or something, this will be even in your garden!

ok...1 month and 20 days, first pay camping place....not bad hee!

good to know that not everithing is about football....vive le tennis!!

peace out....yo

little fish in the little river

this one is not so little

all over the coast line
the wall of a modern church
this machine fly and kill people
old sign for the travellers
on a back yard of a mediatech
in the morning forest
this one!
just to remind you
on the train station of Le Havre
tourist town
after drinking a beer with Dominique.....yea man thanks for that.....Domi rule!
the "Maquereao Garden"....every sunday you friends!
this sculpture on a Normandie town
the small of the smaller
figthing for justice!
more friendly tougth boys on the way
took them 1 year to get there in 1944
another little one
resting in a horse yard
on a bunker of a Normandie beach
need one?
fishing boats
more water problems

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