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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Holland to France

just outside Groningen, in the garden of new friends.......thanks for everithing people......peace

this one is the "chicken" of the house

this one live there too

he is trying hard!

teddy bear...

"another sunday afternoon"....

another sculpture or they just miss it?

muy bonito el Pavo Real

bike map of the region

this is a real one!

the most beautiful being on earth

this one not so.....but well

camping beside the bike way

little home on the canal....must be Holland

old map

piramid in Franeke, Holland!!

to the left...

a cool idea for the trash

Manuel from in a million!

on the 35km long dyke

fishermen open air museum

is that chain really necesary? was plastic anyway!

some flying machine....

some Music machine!....the back


the food of a fisherbird

not sure where this was

of course...fuck it!!

the local band......they play Garota de Ipanema .....cowboys??....neeeee

the football crew of Holland....hulligangs??...neeeee

leaving the the coast of Haarlem

the long beach

and the dunes of long beach

the spiders are taking over the world.....for good

what everyone was waiting for ......the forgoten map of the river Elbe bike route in Germany....complete and uncensured!!

in the beach of Den Haag

in the street of Den Haag

in a small street of Den Haag

 Den Haag cats

frites in Den Haag....dont miss it!

around the corner

in front

some drying clothes machine

go can doit!!

would you like to live on top of it???......well in Den Haag, somebody does!

a demo for Palestine

is that chain really necesary??

this fly too!!

this ones too......maybe not

in The Lasagna there, every monday nigth.......thanks guys...;peace

 the great Welcome of the city of Rotterdam

the great Landscape of the city of Rotterdam

the church is falling....for good!

"Breaking the Law, Breaking the Law"........Judas Priest

some beach info

"thats the way i like it"......forgot who sing this one

nicht chisen!!!

there is plenty of this stuf in Holland.......go get one!

this one is everywhere i look

some kind of excersise....they tall me

this one is not a joke

"Somewhere in Time".......Iron Maiden

Brasilian style camping

the hiphop crew of Holland....thanks for the coke guys....peace

not an of water!

this one is in Antwerpen, Belgium

drink coke!

what to say before you go in......dont forget!

where to go before go......forget it!

alcoholics sculpture....

the storm is in the horizon

in Belgium again

5 star hotel in Knokke

food the birdys....mmmm!

I wonder who is going  to see this one

if one day I become old, sad and mad, I will travel in this one

jolie street in Heist, la rue de pĂȘcheur, no cars on it...waooo!

"Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory, falling on my head like a new emotion".....Eurithmics

the beach is somewhere there

one rainy morning in the park

"more read, more learn, more change the world"....Naj One

the all famous Caterpillar sculpture

ancien boat eating by the time

eh sayez!!...the first day in France, the first cyclist on the way.....vive la france!

from the "cap blanc" you can see the boats leaving/coming to/from UK

dont fuck with nature!

the port of  Boulogne sur Mer

another sunny evening in the forest

some problems with the water i suposse

this guys cross the canal to UK by canoe, some 70 years ago, escaping the nazis

a farm in a beach town

map of the velo route......

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