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Thursday, August 19, 2010

On the Athlantic Coast of France

wood sculpture

rock house

express yourself

sleeping in a little hut in the country

map of the region

big ligth house

 sleeping place

wood sculpture

eating just cold fried chicken, drinking only cold water, D is preparing himself for the winter olimpics. GO!!D.GO!!

an old thing from a ship


and more

the desk top?

and more

not an off? there is more


on the rocks

is that chain really nesesary??again

another summer rain!!

and in the next morning

 when civilization falls, this could be the future

so now....thats is a lie!! on the other direction

 another sweet bunker

it will fall!!

ugly shit as a turist attraction

beautiful attraction!

morning attraction

hell of attraction

under the highway

a bus stop that look like a room, or, a room that look like a bus stop???

sleeping under the apple tree

now you go holidays....

map of the region

full deco house in Bouin, France......a open air museum of the region, 24/ there!!

party time with the Raimboud couple

someone from Quebec was sure

 wood surfers sculpture

everiwhere that i go,
i got people i know,
who get people they know,
i suggest you laylow.....
gansta rapper, Dr Dre

for thoes who have never see it is.....the atlantic ocean!!

on the "marais"

undercover alien base

on the wall

graffitti girls

sleeping in the sunflower field

laying in the garden.....after a long life on the ocean

green all around

good mornig on the "marais"

egalite, liberte, that order

when you will be a cat, and i will be a horse, only then, i will take you around........

I'm gonna be Iron like a Lion in Zion........

camping car freaks learn......imagine this,  is what is all about.......greetings to Christine....well done!!

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