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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Coast of France/Euskadi

on the garden of Jeremy

Jeremy, his father and me working hard on the house!

cage bridge over the Gironde river

the morning pond

eating by nature

no more crosses, but bottle

wine barrels art

camping site

take 2 bikes
take 2 troleys in the back
take 2 kids on the troleys
take 2 surf boards
a blue bucket full of dreams
lots of muscles
lots of smiles
and you got the best trip ever without a single motor!
info for dummies

two bikers crush

go away from the forest!

another morning in Le Landes

beautifull biker friend

I told you, dont eat that shit!......or you end like that

go dog go!

sunday morning

morning pond

thats the way i like it!!

but, now i doit on the walls

good looking, bad 

on the bike way

on the 106 km beach

is not the Eva from the garden or the Eva from Peron, but the Eva from Pais Basque!.......

remember, remember......the fifth of november

the first sight of the Pirenes

club in Euskadi

the back of a house

on a small port in Euskadi

the born town of Simon Bolivar

a music festival ad over a ugly corporation pub

hey amicos!!!...the ground is moving like a boat on the see!!

cat love

ode to the fighters

fight the power, nuclear power

fighters graffitti

on the.......mmmmm.......something

the view from a nudist beach

the nudist beach

a morning from the clif

a musician in the old bunker

friends from Bilbo


friends in a small city....with lots of bikers!


  1. Hola Alesandro, soy Alvaro y te conocí cerca de Ribadeo en la carrtera hacia Viveiro. Te deseo la más feliz de las vidas. Un abrazo.

  2. hey Alvaro.....como estas!?....lastima que nos perdimos en el fui por ahi a ver la basura y reciclar algo de frutas y verduras.....pero hey todo bien....yo estoy ahora en Muxia cerca de Fisterra......un gran saludo