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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Adventure of Fisterra

         Final del camino!! Final del camino!!, screams the walls of Fisterra in every corner street to your face when you step in that town.
         Next, an old woman with gold chain and rings, make you a good price of 25euro for sleep one nigth at her little "pension", just because of you of course.
         Next next, in the municipal albergue for pilgrines, where they charge 5euro for sleep one nigth, they kick you out if you happen to have a dog.
         So, you are there in that small cousy town where there is nothing like a hospital, highschool, public library, or cops, but hundreds of hostals and hotels fill up with tour-grines and another hundreds of hostal fill with the local fishermans and tourist.
         The legend says, that some famous guys from Roma bring here by boat the holy body of the saint, stop here and went around walking try to find a place that is now a days Compostela. Also here is where the big sea currents of the Atlantic meet with the ones from the Cantabric sea, you can spot the big boats on the golf waiting for better wether conditions. A place where you supose to stop and don't move anymore at least for a while.
         Next next next, you meet this gentle and friendly foreigner who coincidently happen to have an extra and free of charge room in his tiny little house. Your smile doesn't have limits of stretching and your eyes become round like the holly moon, in a full moonligth of course.
         Can this be real, are you in some kind of dream or acid trip. You maybe forgot to work your brain that morning, after all that long and difficult way to finally get here??, but not, is true and you accept and go for it. There is a laptop in the nigth table and cold beer in the main table. There is alu windows and nice cousy atic for you to sleep on it. Lets celebrate!!
         1 2 3 4 beers and talking talking talking and talking about travels forgoten on your memory.----------hey hey!! but wait!!, i get somephotos from my bike trip to China outside in the bike to show you some of the people i met before!! wait!! wait!!

        B U M!!----------B U M!!-----------no photos---no bike---no troley---no tent---no food---no tools---no stove---no clothes---no etc etc etc.....

        Time: Nov. 2010 friday 19:30, exactly when the hundreds of catholics men go out of the church just in front.

        Witness: hundreds of catholics men going out of the church

        Place: out of the church

        Suspects: hundreds of catholics men go out of the church

        Conclusion: coincident, no; destiny maybe; Premeditate yes

        A town where faith, money, traditions, leyends and modernity meet in a not so harmonic and friendly way.

       Fisterra, the end of the road.

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