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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Andalucia images

Bordeira in south Portugal

the cliff of Cabo San Vicente

the Faro of Cabo San Vicente

on the beach

with Eva, Juan and Ingrid

a friend on the beach

on a old house

look who is sleeping under the pillow!!

in the Finca de las Flores in Algarfe

nice skuptures

all around the garden

just beside the entrance

another rainy morning

Buña hunting a rabit

she is really hunting??

small street in Ayamonte, Spain, just beside the border with Portugal

the sky, the river and that junk in the midle is Huelva

a skulpture in Matalascañas, in a round point

the next round point

map of the region

street map of Sevilla

going out of Sevilla

cake colors in Utrera

the mountain, the church, the palm tree and the antena they were made for each other........ahh! and the ungry machines that eat the mountain

near Moron de la Frontera

after Ronda where the Red Cross girl helpme with nice clothes!

an old fortress in Teba

stumpjumper like my sleeping bag

Antequera "Sleeping Head", can everibody see it??

a "monolite" on the hills of Antequera

those guys really like the mountains!!

one nigth on Martin house

thats a rocky floor!

friends on Alhama de Granada......hoping that dogy finds someone.....or maybe he just did

the road , the bike, Buña and the Sierra Nevada were made for each other!

the Sierra from little town Agron

street of Granada

Sociology Faculty Library in Granada....where can i do this blogy!!

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  1. Muy wenas! Una vez pasado por los 15 gatxs y dejar huella, ya podemos seguir tus aventuras por este blog, y ver por donde andas. Soy David, el chico de los 15 gatxs del taller bici, el rubito. El mundo es un pañuelo, la chica de alhama de granada, la conocemos!!!! Q fuerte. Bueno, espero que con el nuevo manillar y los pequeños cambios de la bici el camino se te haga mas fácil. Disfruta del viaje. Sigue a piñon

  2. Che loco, increible verte viajando en bici, me acuerdo como se fuera hoy el dia que te fuiste de mi casa en Uruguaiana, Brasil, con Marion, hacen mas de 10 anios. Que loco. Te deseo lo mejor amigo, manten contacto. Carlos y Nara