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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Mountains in the Road

in Granada Social Center

the climbing corner

the nigth concert corner

going up to the Granada Altiplano!

even the road is going through the caves.........and Oso and Buña too.......

map of the Altiplano, Granada region

more maps

a mirror?a camera?.......tell me what you see and i tell you who you are

that's it! the Altiplano!

this cave name....the ass of the world

sleeping on the sheep place

and driving in the shit road

an old train tunel become a nice bike trail

and Buña found a sister call Siva....welcome home!

an old castle on top of a new blocks

"Sunday morning and I'm falling
I've got a feeling I don't want to know
Early dawning, Sunday morning
It's all the streets you
crossed, not so long ago" Velvet Underground

two "moros" get kill cause they dont agree........of course

good bye travelling shoes

hello travelling dudes.....Sandra and Robert

What's the story mornig glory? Well
(you) need a little time to wake up.....Oasis

Requena wall

camping in the concret cave, also know as the tunel under the road........little humid? just a bit!

the Earth is changing, growing, moving!!

the wall of Chulilla town

camping on the orange trees coast of Valencia

between the highway and the train tracks

home sweet home!

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