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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Biking from Bulgaria to Turkey

Maps Everywhere

Susy in her garden

boat in her garden

She really didnt get along with Bunja

told you......

This one is from Varna

Alien development

just beside the road

little beach

going to fish

little port

yea....i forgot the name of this one

almost a Piccaso

near the border......high security region


Turkey # 1

çai çai ??

Everywhere in the country side, the place for nature best, Water :)

Crossing the Istambul Bogazi

Refugge Camp for the Dogs

here they come!!

there she goes!!

The Green House Nigth

Nice port just before Carasu

The Boat in The Sand and 3 Men on Board

Sleepin in The Garden of Murat......thank you friend !!

Little neighborg Aiman.....hiden on the tree :)

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