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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Turkey by Bike

No all boats float in the street.....but this one does!

Cangal.....a big famous dogy

Cangal in cage :(

Near the city of Zonguldak

in the Street of Turkey

Another Fine Morning

Another Fine Breakfast, outside the Thermo Electric Plant :D

Just at The Right Time To Camp not Under the Rain!

The Coast of the Black Sea

Boat Factory at Curucasile

New friend of Bunja

The Great Black Sea Coast

The Mule, The Bike, The Dog, The Human and The Rain in The Bus Stop!

Rough Road, Warm Sign

 Kerempe De Bir Fener, Kastamonu Province

If You Ride A Bicycle, the Panoramic View is That

in the Street of Turkey 2

Plastic Monster is Eating Us

Another Trash Sunset :)

A Place for Lunch

The Nose and The City of Sinop

The Wall in Samsun City

 Sleeping in a Dream Place, in a Gas Station beside the Highway :)
Coffee and Bread in the Bakery
 Leo and Bunja, Forever Love
 A Monster coming Out Of The Sea
 Camping at 2 mts from the Black Sea
Wine, coffe, chicken and Home Made Sauce in Batumi, Georgia
On the way From Batumi to Poti in Georgia :)

A Resting Day in  kvemo Natanebi

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