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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

From Russia with Love

The Best Man in Town......thank u for everything...peace!

some nice Bus Stop!

Of Course there is The Soviet Nostalgie.....

a nice place to sleep when is Raining !

You never guess what this mean......actually they new I will come this way !!

Some mighty cloud aproach

The Edu Trailer....goes everywhere , does everything !!

In the city of Elista , a Budist Temple

and there is Graffitti too!!

when somebody ofer you a ride, u say YES!!.....thank to this big smile :)

and the car crash look the same, as from a bike...

Volgograd, ex Stalingrad, like the movie....

and when you need a hand in a big city, there it was this nice lady coming from nowhere :) big hugs to you!

great meeting in Dubovca city !!

The Tea Cooking Machine

Another Nice Morning!

The Volga from far....

A Hot Summer Afternoon, Bath and Lunch!

Ahh! He also!

and They Too!

Some nice Sculpture of a Russian Woman, in a Hotel that i could not sleep :(

Some Mighty road in South of Russia

Saratov City, on the Volga River

He just walk away...

Friendly signs everywhere!

An Underground Missile location and his Ventilaton system.......Big Bollocs!

Never Mind, here are the Truck Pistols....!

More Bollocs and his Numbers...

A Green Morning.....

The View From Bunja Place....

UFA, the coolest name ever for a city!......after Berlin, of course .......

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