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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Into Sak'art'velo, aka Georgia

A fine day on the beach :)
All right!! a nice bike!
Bunja and friends
Ortodox Temple
Aha!! this one for the car drivers!
The holy caw is everywhere
Nagase Caucasus Dog
Right in the border with Abkhazia separatist region
A Beauty from Georgia
Bunja the dog
Small train station
Friends for a moment, leaving te train
A Shoping Center?....a Hospital?....NO!!....a police station!....
Camping in front of South Osetia separatist region
take it easy!! :)
Learn Georgian on the way!
Sculpture in Zhinvali Reservoir
Tourist from EU traveling around with a friend from Georgia
Old Monastery in the Caucasus mountains
Old Village in the Caucasus mountain

Fresh Clean Water!
Going up the river Aragvi
Another nice morning on the mountains
The Beauty and The Beast
Jvari Pass 2370 mt High!...very High
Some sheeps taking a bath on the ice mountain
Life = Water = :)

After Kasbegi, down to the Border point

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