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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Possible Again

Since I wrote the foregoing, I have thought about my project again and again and tried to find a way out of my difficulty. I have not found a solution. I am still confronted by chaos. But I have vowed not to give in, and at the moment of making this vow a happy memory passed through my mind like a ray of sunshine. It was similar, it seem to me, quite similar to how I felt when we began our expedition; then we also undertook something apparently impossible, then we also apparently traveled in the dark, not knowing our direction and without prospects. Yet we had within us something stronger than reality or probability, and that was faith in the meaning and necessity of our action.I shuddered at the recollection of this sentiment, and at the moment of this blissful shudder, everything become clear, everything seemed possible again. H.H.

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